Millwall CEO has update on 2022-23 season tickets – plus plans to replace fan on the board role

MILLWALL chief executive Steve Kavanagh says the club has sold almost 5,000 season tickets for 2022-23 – as he revealed plans to form a “shadow board of supporters”.

The Lions are aiming to beat their best recent figure of approximately 8,000 tickets in 2018-19, their second season back in the Championship.

Kavanagh also said that the North Stand will be opened to home supporters for some games next season after Lions fans were allocated places there for the last game at The Den of the last campaign, the 3-0 win over Peterborough United.

Millwall posted Kavanagh’s latest message to fans on their website on Monday.

“As I write this, we are fast approaching 5,000 season tickets sold ahead of Friday’s saver period deadline,” Kavanagh’s update read. “Figures have been trending almost identically to our most successful year of sales in 2018-19 but we of course hope to surpass that final number of around 8,000 come late July when everything kicks off again.

“We’re delighted with the level of support shown and I urge anyone thinking about purchasing a season ticket to do so before Friday as it guarantees far and away the best value for money when watching Millwall at The Den.

“Having Millwall fans in the North Stand for our final home game of the season against Peterborough United was a huge success and contributed significantly to what was a brilliant atmosphere on the day. While it won’t be possible to make that a permanent plan at this stage, we will continue to put it in place as and when we can during next season and review it as a potential full-time option for the future.”

The novelty of home fans in the away end (left). Photo: Ryan Loftus

Meanwhile, Millwall haven’t replaced the role of the fan on the board, which was last held by Micky Simpson.

Kavanagh outlined the plans to go in a different direction.

“As part of that commitment [to increase engagement with fans], we have been working closely with the Football Supporters’ Association (FSA) for the past few months in order to assess how we can most effectively implement recommendations from Tracey Crouch MP’s fan-led review of football governance,” Kavanagh wrote.

“We hope that will include the formation of a shadow board of supporters, ideally made up of fans from various different backgrounds and with alternative knowledge and experiences so that we have as broad and diverse a representation of the fan base as is appropriate.

“What is entirely inappropriate is for the club to even attempt to put such a shadow board in place itself because that would go against the very point of it. It is very much an initiative for the fans to come together on and decide the best and most beneficial course of action based upon the review’s recommendations.

“As a result of John Berylson’s very stable and supportive long-term ownership we have thankfully not experienced some of the issues many other clubs have in recent years, but that is not to say that a shadow board would not be of significant merit for Millwall and for you as supporters.

“We have previously had a fan on the board role which hasn’t been filled for some time. It is not a straightforward position by any means and perhaps it is more beneficial to have a group so that the load is spread, but again that is something that we want fans to decide upon as I’ve mentioned on previous occasions.”

Read Steve Kavanagh’s full update here.

Image: Millwall FC

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