Millwall’s Matt Smith reveals new roomie as he has stepped in after midfielder’s Portsmouth move

MATT Smith is “filling the void” on away trips this season – by being Jed Wallace’s new room-mate.

Smith was on his own in hotel rooms for away games during his first two seasons at the club, but Wallace insisted that the striker replace Shaun Williams after the midfielder left for Portsmouth in the summer.

Wallace and Williams are good friends and are also neighbours in Biggin Hill from where they travelled to training together.

Smith joked Wallace has been suffering from “separation anxiety” since his mate left for Pompey.

It’s rare on Millwall’s training ground that you’ll find Wallace not talking to someone as he is probably the most gregarious member of Millwall’s squad.

While he is a very good talker, Smith comes across as a contemplative character so the idea of the new pairing is amusing.

“I was on my own for my first two seasons. But with Willo going I think Jed gets a big of separation anxiety,” Smith joked.

“So I needed to fill the void and I think I’m doing an alright job so far.

“It’s purely optional [whether you want to room alone], if you’ve got kids or want a bit of privacy when it comes to talking to your other half and FaceTime or whatever.

“For me, it was a personal preference.

“But then with Willo going Jed was keen to get me in to replace him, so I thought why not.”

Doesn’t Wallace like to talk?

Smith said: “Oh, non-stop! Actually, to be fair to him we do have a bit of quiet time, we’re comfortable in silence with one another.

“We put on a film or if it’s a Friday night and there’s a game we’ll watch the football.

“He tells me every week he’s a student of the game so we watch the football. We’ll do something like that together and have the breakfast in the morning.”

Image: Millwall FC

John Kelly