‘Looks like you don’t care, but that wasn’t the case’ – Millwall defender reflects on Coventry defeat

SCOTT Malone admitted the last game of the 2020-21 season felt like a “let-down” and “you can see how it looks” – but the Millwall wing-back said the players felt “horrible” in the dressing room after their 6-1 defeat to Coventry.

The Lions had little to play for on the final day and Malone said “it looks like you don’t care”, but he stressed “that wasn’t the case at all”.

Malone revealed there was a “deadly silence” in the dressing room after the game, before acknowledgements for the departing players, including Shane Ferguson, Shaun Williams and Frank Fielding.

It wasn’t the way the squad wanted to end the campaign, after consecutive top-half second-tier finishes for the first time since 2005.

“It kind of felt like, for me anyway, it was like a little bit of a let-down after what we had done in the season,” Malone said.

“No one wants to end that way, conceding six goals. You can half-see how it looks as well, last game of the season, nothing to play for. You lose 6-1 and it looks like you don’t care when that wasn’t the case at all.

“Everybody in the squad had the intention of finishing strongly. We conceded six, something we hadn’t done all season, and it looks bad on the record.

“That’s something that can’t happen again next season if we’re going to do what we want to do. It just can’t happen.

“It wasn’t the feeling we wanted after such a tough season. We wanted to get in there and put the music on, have a bit of a good time for an hour or so before we parted ways for seven, eight weeks.

“But it was deadly silent, to be honest, it was horrible, one of the worst feelings we’ve had during the season.

“A few words were said, that basically it wasn’t good enough. But then it was on to, ‘look, this is what we’ve got to do next season’. There were thanks for all the efforts.

“There were a few good words for some great people that were leaving the club – Fergie, Willo.  I thought that needed to be said after the game, which was quite nice.

“Some good things and bad things were said after the game but when it was done it was done and left behind us.”

Image: Millwall FC 

John Kelly