Millwall retain key selling point in pitches to targets as they aim to build on top-half finish

GEORGE Evans says it’s the best environment he’s ever experienced – and that’s one of the reasons why Millwall boss Gary Rowett believes there is a “fabulous chance” to build on this season’s top-half finish.

Evans – who joined from Derby in January – is the latest player to laud the spirit in the Lions’ dressing room.

That will be an important selling point in pitches to transfer targets this summer, with the likes of other Rowett recruits in Mason Bennett and Ryan Woods also commenting on the togetherness of the squad.

“That’s why I think we’ve got a fabulous chance to build on what we’ve done so far next season,” Rowett said. “Because I think the mentality of the group is excellent.

“Players talk individually about how good the spirit is. You get someone like George Evans who comes in and says it’s the most he’s enjoyed his football, and he’s been at some very, very good clubs.

“So I think the culture at Millwall is fabulous and that’s partly been built by myself and the staff and partly been built previously taking into account the traditions of the club and what the club dictates.

“It’s a bit of a melting pot. But it’s brilliant and it gives you a strong foundation.

“The fact that the players put in such a good performance [against Bristol City] when you could forgive them maybe not shows how much they want to win and do well.

“When I watched the game back it was probably even more impressive than I thought it was on the day. The way we moved the ball, our movement, closing down off the ball. It was a really nicely balanced game and the type of game I really enjoy.”

Image: Millwall FC 

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