‘It would be a horrible end’ – Millwall manager on what he’s desperate to avoid this season

MILLWALL manager Gary Rowett is desperate his side’s season doesn’t’ “peter out” – especially without fans in grounds.

The Lions defeated Stoke City 2-1 on Easter Monday as they stubbornly refuse to give up on the race for the play-offs.

Millwalll have looked almost out of that race in recent weeks, and Rowett was asked after the game against his former club if it has been difficult to keep driving his team forward.

“Not very difficult at all,” Rowett said. “I’m a football manager paid to do my job and my job is to try and motivate the players and send them out regardless of how many injuries we’ve got, regardless of losing key players.

“We’ve got to put a team out there that can be competitive and that’s the same for every manager up and down the country.

“So it’s probably the easiest job ever regardless of the state of the season. You’ve got to have that pride to win games and that’s all we are trying to do, just like every other team and every other manager up and down the leagues. You’re just trying to win to keep your season alive.

“I think it’s the worst feeling in the world to have no fans at the game and then to feel like the game doesn’t matter and to let the season peter out – it would be a horrible end.

“We are very determined to see if we can keep going and then, hopefully, we can go into next season knowing that there’s a good chance of fans being back everywhere.

“We’ll all be pleased about that.”

Image: Millwall FC 

John Kelly