Boss felt poor state of Den pitch affected Millwall more than struggling Wycome Wanderers

GARY Rowett felt the poor state of the Den pitch hindered his side more than Wycombe in the sides’ stalemate on Saturday.

The Lions had more than 60 per cent possession but couldn’t make a breakthrough against the Championship’s bottom side.

Millwall had planned to relay the pitch last summer, but shelved it with so much uncertainty around the return of fans and gate income.

“Certainly for us it makes a difference. But there’s been a quick turnaround this year, if you look up and down the country most teams’ pitches aren’t good,” Rowett said.

“We knew ours was going to get ripped up in the summer for a brand-new pitch, a real quality pitch.

“At the moment we are just getting through this period.

“You could see it really dried out, made it quite bobbly, and that was the issue.

Millwall planned to relay the pitch last summer

“We actually passed the ball to get into the final third fairly well, but then when you just want the speed of the ball to be able to move and interplay in the final third we just didn’t have that.

“That was the issue with the game and I think both teams found that a problem, but it was a bigger problem for us because we had more control of the game. We got into the final third far more than Wycombe.”

Image: Millwall FC