Millwall’s Gary Rowett on pre-match warning before Nottingham Forest- and poor run of form

MILLWALL boss Gary Rowett admitted he is concerned about the Lions’ form and said: “We have to start getting serious about it.”

Millwall’s 3-1 defeat at Nottingham Forest on Saturday meant it’s only one win in the last 15 league games.

Rowett said they had spoken about Sammy Ameobi’s threat before the game. Ameobi scored twice and Ryan Yates got a third before Ben Thompson’s consolation.

“We spoke a lot in the pre-match meeting about Ameobi cutting inside on his left foot, [Anthony] Knockaert cutting inside on his left foot,” Rowett said. “It was Ameobi who started on the right and you have to fill those spaces and stop the opportunities from arising.

“Two times he gets there and shifts it inside, and two times he ends up scoring, the first with a fortunate deflection that takes it away from Bart [Bialkowski]. The second one was a fabulous finish.

“We know Forest have got those players in their midst. We know they have been below us in the table but ultimately they’ve got some very, very good players at the top end of the pitch.

“The frustration for me today was we didn’t match the same energy and effort we showed against Bournemouth.

“When we don’t perform physically to that level we’re not as good a side, it’s as simple as that. We have to be at it, we have to be strong in our shape, not allow easy goals to occur.

“In my opinion today, it was two goals – two very good goals – but we shouldn’t allow Ameobi to get into those areas and the third goal was a really bad set-piece goal that bounces in the box and we didn’t deal with it.

“Yes, we could have had another goal with a clear penalty, in my opinion – I’m not quite sure how Keith [Stroud] gives a foul against Tom Bradshaw when the goalkeeper wiped him out – but however it was too little, too late and we didn’t deserve anything out of the game.

“Of course I have concern about one win in that period of time. There have been a lot of draws when we should have won the games, but we haven’t, it’s as simple as that.

“We have to start getting serious about it. We have to start recognising that we have to earn the right to win games. We’ve got to go and fight harder for the cause, which is what Millwall is all about.

“At the moment we’re just not showing the right level of consistency.

“As I said, we go to Bournemouth, we play really, really well against a very good side. We come away from home against Forest and we don’t show the same level of energy and commitment, in my opinion.

“If you don’t do that on a regular basis then the Championship is a tough place to be. We’ve got to start to win games quickly.”

Image: Millwall FC