Millwall boss explains why he won’t be sending tactical information to players during break.

MILLWALL are not currently sharing any tactical information with the squad – with manager Gary Rowett more concerned about the welfare and well-being of the players.

The Lions squad are following individual training programmes at home, and last week Rowett and his staff were working on adding technical drills to that.

But Rowett feels there is little point sending them tactical information, with the season currently suspended indefinitely.

“It’s something we’ve looked at but we’ve not done that,” Rowett said. “When we get back we’re going to be preparing for games exactly as we would. If I look at a Monday to Saturday approach in a training week, I wouldn’t mention the opposition until around Wednesday. That’s just the way I work, I don’t like to flood the players’ heads with too much information.

“I like them early in the week to concentrate on creating that intensity and that enjoyment in training. There’s no point me preparing the players potentially four, five, six weeks out from the next game.

“They’ve got enough to think about, they’ve got enough to get on with. We will start to share some sort of video material with them, but it won’t yet be massively tactical.

“I’m more concerned about the state of mind of the players, the welfare of their families. That’s the most important thing at the moment rather than pinging them through loads of tactical stuff which I think at this time won’t have the same affect this far away.”

Image: Millwall FC 

John Kelly