‘Daddy, why are they calling you that?’ Millwall boss on his youngest son going to Derby game

GARY Rowett’s youngest son was at his former club Derby on Saturday – with the Lions boss joking he was afraid of what he might hear.

Rowett left Derby in 2018 to take over at Stoke and there were the expected chants aimed at him by the home fans, though nothing that crossed a line.

Rowett’s eldest son was a season-ticket holder at Pride Park, where the Lions defeated the Rams 1-0 on Saturday.

“He’s not been able to do that, unfortunately, he’s gone to uni and is costing me lots of money,” Rowett said. “What I always find amazing with those student loans is they can pay for food but can’t quite make it stretch to alcohol. So I still have to put my hand in my pocket occasionally.

“My littlest son Fred was here, it’s the first game he’s been to. He wanted to come today, he’s only 11, so I was a little bit fearful of what he might hear: ‘Daddy, why are they calling you that?’

“But it was a respectful day all round. We worked hard to try to get the team promoted but just couldn’t quite do it.

“It was nice for him to be here today. Hopefully he enjoyed it.

“I’ve lived here for a long time, I’ve got massive affection for the place. I’ve played, coached and managed here and you don’t forget that. It doesn’t go away but at the same time we’ve moved on and we’re trying to do our best for our current club.

“I’m enjoying every minute of it. The players give you everything, there’s a real honesty about the bunch.

“They’re ecstatic in there and have their Christmas do tonight. It’s probably just as well they’ve got a result because I might well have banned it if not!”

Image: Millwall FC 

John Kelly