Mystery is finally Rover for Millwall striker

TOM Bradshaw has his Range Rover back – and thanked everyone for sharing his social media appeal.

Bradshaw posted a message on Twitter back in August asking for information after the vehicle was stolen in Dartford.

He had heard nothing until a week ago, presuming he would never see it again.

However, unknown to the striker, it had been sitting in storage in Essex from some time.

Bradshaw explained: “I had a phone call from my insurance company about a week ago asking if my car had been recovered. I said as far as I was aware, no.

“They said they’d spoken to the police and it had been recovered two weeks prior. I hadn’t been told, the police hadn’t been in contact.

“It was found over in Brentwood, it’s in a storage container there. But unfortunately I had my V5 in the car, the proof of ownership, and whoever took the car threw everything out of it.

“So I can’t actually collect it because I’m waiting for a new V5 to come in the post. As soon as it comes I can go pick it up.

“I was dangerously close to buying a new car. So it was just in time that they found it, and I was amazed, to be honest. And thanks to everyone that retweeted my tweet and got the message out there.

“I’ve been trying to find out the details of what happened to it, but it’s been tough to get in touch with the guys that found it.

“As soon as I get the V5 I’ll pick it up and see what damage has been done.”

*Read a longer interview with Tom Bradshaw in tomorrow’s Southwark News, where he talks about how the messages drilled into him by Neil Harris were evident when he scored against Leeds United.

Image: Millwall FC 

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