Millwall striker sets the record straight on ‘Leeds’ tattoo

© Edmund Boyden

MILLWALL striker Andy Keogh has set the record straight on his much-discussed tattoo.

It had been suggested the 25-year-old bore a tribute to Leeds United on his right arm – which he kisses after scoring.

But Keogh told the club’s official matchday programme: “No, I don’t have a Leeds tattoo – I wouldn’t be kissing that. I think that was a rumour made up by someone with not much else to do.

“It’s for my daughter. I have a picture of her on my arm. Obviously she is not out on the pitch with me, so if I score, it’s just my way of dedicating it to her.

“I also have St. Christopher, a Guardian Angel and a poem that my mum used to say to me. So it’s quite a personal collection of things.”